Dr Steven Greer and Nassim Haramein discuss new energy technology

Dr Steven Greer and Nassim Haramein both agree that infinite energy exists in a vacuum and that there are several ways to tap this energy.  Here’s an overview of their discussion.

Haramein begins with a fundamental concept in physics – Laws of Conservation of energy.(energy can neither be created nor destroyed)  Yet, free energy or overunity devices seem to defy this basic law of physics because the energy sourced seems to be coming out of nowhere.

But, the same problem arises with the current model of universe, the concept that an explosion issued all matter out of it.  If you follow that model all the way back to Big Bang, you still have not identified an energy source.  Therefore, the Big Bang Theory would also violate Laws of Conservation of energy.  Haramein proposes that the material world is in fact a denser part of space itself.

Greer adds that if you were to take all matter and collapse it into a speck, then what is left is not just empty space, but actually is infinite energy.  He suggests thinking in terms of space defining matter, instead of matter defining space.  In this way, the Big Bang makes sense because the energies that exist in space create big bang.  Even at the atomic level, energy within the vacuum is infinitely dense.  The attempt by Quantum Theorists to “quantatize the vacuum” has ended in frustration, as even the smallest “quanti of energy” is a lot.

The two discuss the excess in energy noted by Maxwell in his original equations, that create a vector through frequency fields and voltage.

Greer suggests that Zero Point field was discovered decades ago with the Casimir Effect, [Click here for physics definition of Casimir Effect] calculations proposed in the late 1940s.  But, empirical studies were hampered because the kind of mirrors needed had not been created by then.  More successful experiments in the 1980’s were able to push plates together mechanically in the vacuum in order to extract photons.  This success in experiments came through creating differentials between the two mechanical plates, Greer explains.

There is a huge energy potential that exists in the vacuum.  A huge number is necessary for defining the quantum field in order to describe the mechanism of Quantum Theory.  The huge number was put in a closet and now it’s reemerging.  A small bit of plutonium has enough energy to detonate Hiroshima, for example.  These sub-atomic atoms contain huge amounts of energy.  Electromagnetic energy scientists have been working it for a long time.

Greer points out that 1/2 of the world is living in horrible poverty and we’re destroying our biosphere.  But, more people are becoming aware that here’s another source of energy that was not known to us.  It’s energy coming from known field.  Every single  proton is most likely tapped into that field, and that’s what we call the material world, Greer maintains.  We must understand and mimic nature.

If it was only a technical problem, we’d be tapping this energy by now.  5,135 patents that have been suppressed, according to Greer.  The agenda goes back to Plato – 400BC, it was known.  It’s been a long time coming.  The key is the public at large.  It’s not going to come from academia and government.

He reports that China is now generating 80% of its electricity from coal, much of which is mined in Australia. [No wonder Bejing smog levels have skyrocketed]

Haramein says that the solutions will not come from solar power and wind mills, as these are not cutting edge technology.  We need a whole other level, he says.  Resources on the planet’s surface are limited and planets are unstable to begin with.  Earth has been stable for a long time.  But, all kinds of things could have devestating results on our population, like solar flares or meteorites.  We have to rise to understand the nature of the vacuum.  We need a higher level of math to bring civilization forward, to bring the Earth back to a garden space.  That could happen very quickly, according to Haramein.  Earth has ability to heal.  Electromagnetic-gravitic effect must be tapped.

Haramein gives example of the Wright Bros..  People thought taking to flight was not possible.  At the time, there was a flurry of papers published in physics in peer-reviewed journals all around the world demonstrating “unequivically mathematically” that such a thing couldn’t be done.  And it took 3 years for physicists to admit that it could.

This could also occur very shortly and will change our world and the way we interact with it, this “vacuum fluctuation structure”, Haramein continues.  It’s not like atoms or protons are a billiard ball.  All the information that you’re made of is actually connected to this vacuum fluctuation.  This creates self-aware beings like us.  Tapping it will bring us to a whole other level of interaction.

Greer says that the total number of minds in the cosmos is one, and each is merely an apperture.  It’s why remote viewing works.  Consciousness is in effect the ultimate unified field and is non-local.  The conscious mind is a singularity and is omni present.

All other protons in the universe are represented by each proton.  The system is completely interactive with itself.  All the information in the universe is contained inside a proton.  There is a network of information across the whole thing.  How else could you remote view 100,000 miles from you?  We have a mechanism to explain these phenomena.  They’re not paranormal, there actually normal.  Every point in space and time is actually connected to every other.

Haramein refers to Einstein’s idea of entanglement – “spooky action at a distance”.   When you have two photons interacting at a distance, if you change polarity of one, the other will change, if they are from same atom.  These experiments have been verified.  It’s there but not being put in the context of understanding of the universe.  It’s like a puzzle that hasn’t been put together.  Many of the pieces are there in ancient and new work.  The universe is highly connected and everything is connected with high level of coherence.  From fundamental fluids like water, you have these highly complex, self organizing systems with a feedback that allows organism to advance.

In science, we separate fields of expertise in boxes through compartmentalization.  This is the time to put them together, Haramein concludes.


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