“Syncretism: The Magnum Opus. Part One” – Santos Bonacci

This video was recorded in December 2012 and features Santos Bonacci giving one of his classic, dense presentations.  This one focuses on syncretism.  Bonacci begins:

“Syncretism, as it suggests, syncs all the big subjects, all the theology, philosophy, religion, when it comes to religion, mythology.  And, it unifies one’s understanding of the deep subjects.” 

“Now, Syncretism is not something new.”

Bonacci holds up a hardback book, then says:

“It contains his 900 thesis that he prepared and went down to Rome in Renaissance time, it was in the year 1486.  He was bringing syncretism down to Rome to show these folks that all these philosophies and religions and sciences are all one.” 

“That’s why we refer to that period as the Renaissance, because it means rebirth..” 

“..Rebirth of what?  Well, of consciousness.”

Pikov, as he was nicknamed also wrote a book called, “The Oration on the Dignity of Man.”

He was a lover of wisdom and philosophy, Bonacci says.  He reads from this text:

“The deadly and monstrous persuasion that has invaded practically all minds that philosophy ought not to be studied at all, or by very few people, as though it were a thing of little worth to have before our eyes and at our fingertips, as matters that we have searched out with the greatest care.  The causes of things, the way of nature and the plan of the universe, God’s counsels and the mysteries of heaven and of earth, unless by such knowledge, one might procure some profit or favor for oneself..” 

Bonacci goes from there to the Ptolemaic and Greek Period when Christianity became the tradition in Rome and destroyed the Ptolamaic religion in Alexandria to promote Gnostic Christianity.  This occured around the time of Constantine in the 3rd Century.

Bonacci says of established religion that, “This Theology has been used as a tool to divide us.”

“We don’t need to hate each other,” he says.

Here’s a rough sketch of just the first 28 minutes of Syncretism: The Magnum Opus by Australian philosopher and teacher Santos Bonacci:

The symbols, the heiroglyphs, the science is pure science.  In the world of the lower mind, this science is ridiculed and people who studied it were persecuted.

The earth, the equator and the sign wave of the ecliptic of the sun are movements calculated by ancients.

Nature comes from niter.  In churches, that word is angel.  Animals are symbols of archetypes.  The zodiac, starting from the equator enters aries, then taurus, gemini..

Precessional slippage is accounted for in the Sidereal Zodiac.   But, Hermetic science is based on the Tropical zodiac, representing the seasons.  Astronomy, although there is slippage, still aries is first because the sun path along the ecliptic is what produces the seasons each year.

This angle produces Spring in aries and then the sun approaches maximum sunlight in summer, etc..  Libra is equal day and night.  When night is longer than the day, it’s detrimental to sunlight.  The womb and the tomb of the sun are aries and libra.

The hero, born in Ra, the ram, or in right ascension of the meridian in the zodiac.  Right ascension must be paid attention to in this science.   Right ascension also occurs daily at 6 AM.  This graph of the zodiac also represents the sun’s daily cycle.

In libra, Venus holds the scales.   In pisces, Venus is the womb that bears the ram in aries.

The boat of Osiris is the path of the sun with his 12 apostles, “The brazen serpent of Moses in the wilderness,”  Bonacci says of the cycle of the sun each day and each year.

All of our theology is based on the sin wave, Adam Cadman in the sky.   Mars is backwards for the ram, related to Marti-maritime.

The sun climbs the mountain top to cancer, symbolized by 69.

Bonacci draws a near perfect circle, separating it into the 12 signs of the zodiac.  He starts with the ram in the position of right ascension of meridian.  For the first 30 degrees, the head is there, the beginning of Spring.

The womb comes from pisces, vescica pisces.  the waters of mary.

Virgo is opposite to pisces and  has the fixed star Bootes, the husband of virgo -Joseph and Mary

The sun is born in the womb of pisces.

Ra is born and grows to become great.  Ra becomes enthroned in a cardinal position, in cancer.

From that point on, the sun begins to decline.

Then, the ark and Ra begins to row downhill.

Then he gets old and is put in a tomb where Saturn exalts in libra, the tomb.

A baby pushed around in a little pram(ram), a little boat of Osiris.  As the sun grows, the boat changes, expansion, to become a great ship, Argo.  The sun exalts in the sign of the lion.

Glyph for leo looks like the north nodal point.  Rahu, dragon’s head is the Eastern name for the north node, which travels in a 19 year cycles around the zodiac.

Sun is dignified in leo, his home in mid-summer.


I found this presentation by Bonacci well worth watching.  Although he says that it may not be for beginning wisdom seekers, I would argue to jump in and allow the journey to unfold.

Thanks, Santos Bonacci for inspiring me with surprising secret syncretism teachings of Hermetic wisdom.


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