Birkeland Currents, Z-Pinch, Star formation- Donald Scott

Donald Scott gave this presentation on Birkeland currents, or ‘cosmic power lines’ at last years Electric Universe conference. Birkeland currents are the dance between magnetic fields and electric currents. When they are pinched, the density remains the same but is squeezed.  He compares this to electricity traveling through wires, no matter whether small or big the amperage will remain the same. He shows a slide of M2-9 Nebula around 9 minutes in, showing a z-pinch with what looks to be a star forming within it.  Here’s a shot of it.


Scott calls this nebula the ‘prototype’ of a z-pinch. He believes that this is the way stars are formed. He says that when the current pinches together, the object in the middle is ‘condensing’.


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