Floods and solar coronal holes

It’s flooding down in Texas and up in Belgium, Germany, France and India. I wonder if the big, black blot NASA calls a coronal hole on the sun has anything to do with it? Or maybe it’s being churned up by Earth’s weakening electromagnetic fields. Of course, we’ve only studied our great solar charger spectrographically for maybe 50 years.

Historically, solar Maunder minimums have coincided with damp, cold weather on Earth. Could less sunlight correlate with weakening of Earth’s electromagnetic shield?

The connection between solar coronal mass ejections and auroras seen in the northern skies is obvious. Why are Earth’s ‘Van Allen belts’ only seen as magnetic fields? Why are auroras seen in the visible light spectrum not considered at all to be electrical? Lightening bolts are obviously electrically conductive on Earth, so why would there not be electricity conducted in space? It makes no sense to have magnetism without electricity, makes gravity really hard to define.

Thor news covers the floods.

“We’re all part of the Earth family,” Thor says and I concur.


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