Tools for Women Farmers

Civil Eats blog explains why tools made especially for women are becoming more necessary.

Photo of farmers holding Green Heron tools.
Photo of farmers holding Green Heron tools.

For starters, women are usually several inches shorter than men. Shovels and forks are often too long and require a great deal of upper-body strength to work effectively. And pruning shears don’t often fit smaller hands. When women farmers and gardeners have to stoop, bend, or wrench their bodies just to use a tool, they can get hurt.

Two female entrepreneurs have so far introduced ‘Hershovel’ and ‘Herspade’ to the market place. They have plans to roll out a battery powered tiller. These farm tools are available online at Green Heron Tools. Herons are birds known for their use of tools. In this case, the tools are her very own.

Under heading, “Women & Farming” Green Heron tool developers share some research on the rising numbers of women entering farming fields.

From 1997-2002:
• The number of U.S. farms declined by 4%*
• The number of farms operated by women increased 13%*
From 2002-2007:
• The number of women-operated farms grew by an even greater 29%*
• The number of farms overall increased by only 3.6%*
* U.S. Census of Agriculture
Women-operated farms tend to be:
• smaller
• more diversified
• less mechanized
• sustainable / organic
• involving direct sales to consumers, such as selling at farmers’ markets
Globally, women play a huge role in food production.
Rural women produce half of the world’s food and 60% to 80% of the food in most developing countries — United Nations Food & Agriculture Organization


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