“People Permaculture” with Starhawk

Wise writer Starhawk sees ‘people permaculture’ as a fundamental shift away from 3-Century old, ‘mechanistic’ world view to one of re-discovery of our roots of oneness within Creation.

Current science studies use precise instrumentation, detecting divine sparks at tiniest, sub-quantum levels. Meanwhile, methods of bio-diverse, habitat restoring techniques of farming re-emerge. She states:

“Permaculture is a shift in our thinking. It’s a shift from thinking about separate, isolated things to thinking about relationships and systems and flows, how everything is in relationship.”

She sees our spiritual focus shifting as well.

“It’s a shift I’ve been talking about for 30 years. It’s a shift I think science is going through at a deep level, the old mechanistic model of the universe. It’s more string theory and physics, to the understanding that, when you look to the smallest and smallest piece of stuff, what you find is there is no stuff. There’s only relationships. There’s strings, there’s harmonies. There’s probabilities.”

Starhawk envisions a future with industry fine-tuned to work in harmony with the natural world.


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