Solar- increased production equals cheaper prices plus French solar roadways

If price of solar falls as fast as other technologies the world can breathe easier,” Ben Schiller writes.

If solar power prices fall in line with other technologies, we could see continued price-drops of 10% a year. That’s according to an historical analysis of 53 technologies that finds a distinct pattern in how major innovations perform over time.

If so, the world could generate at least 20% of its electricity from the sun by 2027, researchers say, and thus allow us to move more swiftly away from fossil fuels than some official projections have indicated.

Schiller sites research by Deloitte tracking ‘US Historical adoption curves for new technologies’ showing technological progress has historically exceeded expectations.

Sophie Kleeman at Mic magazine reports on solar roadways initiative. Her headline reads:

France is Using 600 Miles of Roads to Generate Renewable Energy

Colas Wattway Solar roadway
Colas Wattway Solar roadway

Global Construction Review has more on design of solar roadway panels. Company Colas is set to construct roadway upon completion of further feasibility studies using their ‘Wattway’ cell design. According to review,

Wattway cells collect solar energy via a very thin film of polycrystalline silicon.

Roadway cells are reported by the company to be ‘sturdy and skid-resistant’. Kleeman explains,

France is planning to pave 621 miles of its roads with solar cells over the next five years. If the initiative is successful, it could produce enough power for about 5 million people’s homes — roughly 8% of the country’s population.


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