American Realist Painter Cindy Procious

American realist Cindy Procious teaching workshops at Townsend Atelier.


Pairing -Cindy Procious

Still life “Pairing” painted in oil on linen by Cindy Procious is lovingly foreboding. Wine glass captures shadowy figures amidst heavenly cuisine.

Procious works in both portraiture and still life, according to her website. The following, I include from her ‘about’ page:

A member of the American Society of Portrait Artists & Oil Painters of America, and the mother of three, Procious is married to Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Clay Bennett. Along with their menagerie of rescued animals, they recently relocated their studio and home to Chattanooga, TN.

Artist Statement:
As a student of the world around me, I have come to recognize that there is beauty everywhere. As a painter, my primary objective is to balance the dedication of improving my skill in the craft with the development of timeless and personal works.

Procious will also conduct a Small Paintings workshop at Townsend coming at the end of February.


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