Oxford Real Farm Conference

Article writer, Tomas Remiarz talks about his attendance of Oxford Real Farm Climate Conference, siting widespread problem of small farmers struggling for market share, but being over run by monocultured ‘agribusiness’.

Realising that housing and farming cannot be separated. This is a theme that kept coming up during the two days. The low prices paid to food producers just can’t keep up with ever-increasing rents, and several growers commented that this could be what forces them out of business at some point in the future. It’s more than just a ‘market failure’ – it systematically undermines the ability of small farmers and growers to carry on with their work on the land, leaving the field to profit-driven agribusiness.

Housing and farming go together in sustainable communities through enriching soil, creating eco-system, mimicking nature through permaculture. It’s all about biodiversity.

In building a swale, for instance, you reuse tree limbs, stack them into ground bed, cover them with a layer of soil, then plant. As limbs rot, they provide essential nutrients for plants to grow, even perennials.  Great reuse of fallen limbs for plant fertilization.


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