Pattern Language

Permaculture Magazine stories the work of Architect Christopher Alexander, who wrote the famous book, “Architecture, A Pattern Language”.

Michael Mehaffy, a student of Alexander’s authored the article. I quote from his description of this architect’s work.

“His structures are the opposite of ‘starchitecture’ – the abstract art that people are supposed to find exhilarating or provocative, but often find only discordant, confusing and ultimately enervating. He sees this trend as part of a larger problem, that architecture has lost its way, become mere artistic packaging for the industrialization of the built environment.

Art has become corrupted, he thinks, and has used its allure – along with the allure of great universities – as a marketing arm, selling a fantasy of the future that is ultimately toxic. This is the unsustainability of today’s architectural orthodoxy, rooted in a deeper technological unsustainability.”


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