Plants have senses too shares research on plant study findings, listing the top ten abilities of plants have in common with animals. Are plants conscious?

This article goes into great detail to explain how plants actually see, smell, hear and feel and have memories and more. That’s incredible!



Bio-glass to fill cavities, already used in bone healing

“Tooth fillings from the future may incorporate bio-active glass,” reads headline from Science Daily.

Oregon State researches have found that bio-active glass could be used in dental fillings. Bio-active glass seems to repel bacteria in the mouth, unlike current composite fillings. Doctors have already incorporated bio-active glass for bone healing. I wanted to know what made this glass finer than tiny shards, yet stiff.  Ingredients were included in report.

“Bioactive glass is made with compounds such as silicon oxide, calcium oxide and phosphorus oxide, and looks like powdered glass. It’s called “bioactive” because the body notices it is there and can react to it, as opposed to other biomedical products that are inert. Bioactive glass is very hard and stiff, and it can replace some of the inert glass fillers that are currently mixed with polymers to make modern composite tooth fillings.”



Santos Bonacci believes, from what I understand that our souls can aspire to true gnosis.  But first, we must escape from materialism by worshipping our creator and doing good by others.

Can we do any better in material form? Given our needs and desires, and the impermanence of our earthly state. Buddha tells that life is suffering. Can we make suffering go away?

We might ease suffering by cherishing Mother Earth, as Native traditions teach. And living in reverence to Father Sky, as the two heavenly bodies are our actual providers as far as we can see and know to be true. I’m grateful to exist, without knowing how this could possibly be so.

Syrian stories are human stories

I recently heard an interview that Caroline Casey did with Deborah Felmuth on the Visionary Activist Show. Felmuth spent years traveling in Syria and shared stories about the place and peoples who inhabit it. I am sharing one of the photos from Felmuth’s website that gave me an immediate sense of the farmlands of Syria and its inhabitants.Screen Shot from %22Syria - Remember Me%22 site


Their Syrian home land will never be the same again,
but it will rise again
because you go with the flow of the water
and if the water is stopped up in one place, then it will find a way to flow around.
This was the metaphor that a wise woman of Syria shared with Felmeth.
It is about, “re-weaving the magic carpet,” as Casey states in her description.

The two agree that we need to welcome our neighbors with open arms,
these weary travelers,
to open our homes and give them food and shelter.
We may also allow them to rest
because their journey has been long
and they had to leave everything behind,
except for their babies
and what they could carry on their backs.
Shelter and food and a place to rest are essential to all of us.
Syrian people have had their homeland destroyed by war.

It is about Syria and it’s about all peoples of the world.
And loving thy neighbor as thyself
because everyone in the world is our neighbor.
And animals are our neighbors.
Trees are our neighbors.
Plants are our our neighbors.
Friends are our neighbors and enemies are too.
Peoples of all countries and faiths, all races and genders are our neighbors.
We are all neighbors.
As well with everything Creation provides.
Give a shout out to Mother Earth and to Father Sky.
Don’t forget that without them
there would be no Sun, no Moon, no land,
nor could we be.

There are so many ways in which Creation provides for us.
How can we possibly forget?
You might say how pagan of me.
And yet, look at early faith from all cultures,
before faith became religions,
so complicated by languages.
All have one thing in common.
Early faiths revere life in
the Garden of Eden on planet Earth.

Whether it be flat as a disk or round as a globe,
one that is whirling around itself
and swinging around the Sun each year,
or if Earth’s standing completely still,
Life exists here.

You can’t explain the ‘gravity’ of the situation
without understanding electromagnetism.
When you see how the mobius, figure eight pattern circulates about two bodies,
and witness that static point that is created in between,
then you understand that there is magnetism and there is electricity.
And that the two work in concordance with one another,
giving rise to life itself.

We are part of the web of life.
and know that we are all neighbors.

Felmeth’s site contains photos taken in Syria between 1991 and 2011 and storied descriptions: