“Mind of Plants: Documentary on the Intelligence of Plants”

This film by Jacques Mitsch explores the physiology of plants and concludes that the plant kingdom is definitely an intelligent one.

Research shows that plants need sleep.  Plants like to dance.  Plants have memory.  A dancing plant can be trained.  So, do plants have a central nervous system that we don’t understand?

Darwin experimented on carnivorous and climbing plants and speculated that they had a ‘root brain’, according to this documentary.  Researchers confirm that an extraordinary physiology exists in the roots of plants.  Root brains theory suggests plants keep their heads in the ground and expose their sexual organs to the outside world.  They are extremely sensitive, according to biologist Frantisek Baluska, who has spent several years studying the physiological functioning of roots.  He’s developed special techniques to observe plants in action and discovered what he terms, “Animal-like behavior in plants.”

“Roots process complex information, much like the nervous system in vertebrates.”

So, with neither a brain nor nervous system, plants indeed have a root intelligence, one that decides when to flower and when to go dormant for example.


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