The Frayed Angels

This piece is stunning visually.  With imagery by Kscope, as seen in video by progressive rock band Anathema, it portrays a young girl who survives post-modern chaos and, with suitcase in hand returns to a natural state of being.  The poem was penned by Les Visible, according to video description.  Partial transcript follows:

I am, like you

an embodiment of God.

All possibilities at birth were delivered into our hands.

Yet we give ourselves into subjugation to our servants

for ridicule and confinement.

Cast out from the castles from where we,

as kings and queens ruled all things from within

the temple of the heart.

Cast out into the trackless waste of our own confusions,

amnesia driven, hungry and alone,

while those created to serve us

spill our wine, eat our food

and laugh at the ignorance that

has closed our eyes

to the beauty of ourselves.

Never again will I let myself be tormented by fear,

the love killer, the life killer.

Death of a sort comes to us all,

no matter who we are.

We cannot escape that.

We can only accept

and wonder to whom did it happen.

Let go all chains that hold the image down

Earth does not speak unless the spirit flames.

These times in which we live

dance like some drunken jester

on the edge of the abyss.

Great things are within our reach.

Even as we wait, we can see

the first glimmer of that dawn

for which so long we have waited

to see.  It has nearly broken me,

but nothing is beyond repair.

Truly let this moment be

your last moment of regret.

Let your heart see

that you have not touched the best times yet.

Take back your wings no longer.

Frayed and fallen, let us rise and soar,

as if no one had ever gone before.


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