“Connected – A film for change” by Paul and Kate Maple

Paul and Kate Maple spent 4 years making “Connected”, a film for change.  The UK couple travelled around Europe, seeking answers to challenges that humans face in our post-industrial, GDP-driven world.   Here’s a summary of the ideas they shared:

Connected. humanity shares one planet.  The ecology unites us all.

Can we build a fair economy?  Can we create a sustainable future?  Can ordinary people influence society?  What kind of future are we going to create for the next generation?

Strategic change– Do politicians move when people move?  The old way of thinking is about profit.  We need a holistic perspective.

Can politicians be visionary?  Politicians could remove the need to be re-elected and substitute for it the need to be remembered.

An alternative economic model for the future – The best things in life are not things.  Greed has overcome our common sense.  Economy is about accumulation of financial wealth at the expense of our environment and our future.  Does an economy have to grow?  Can it grow without using up all the Earth’s resources?

Gross domestic product(GDP) is a recent invention which was coined perhaps as a misinterpretation of what creates happiness.

Gross national happiness looks at the well-being of society.  It is about cooperation, not competition.  Children want human connection, not material possessions.

Everyone they spoke to spoke passionately about the environment.

Ecology disasters are a global issue that forces us all to unite.

We need to start off with a much better understanding of how this planet works.

More green energy, more food security, less waste and more recycling are good things, even if climate change doesn’t take place.

Retailers are moving in the direction that their customers are showing that they want, less packaging for foods and more organic.  Politicians will also follow what the people want.  Buy locally and consume less.  Protect Earth’s water supply.

Nearly everyone they spoke with had a negative perception of mainstream media.  But, many felt that the internet had the potential to change our perception.

Media is losing the key it had to inform society.

Media is changing through people like us.  It’s unbelievable what’s possible.

Through social media we can show that the true power lies within individuals.  The fact that everything is interconnected helps.  Formal structures used to rule the world, but through social media we can break that.

For the first time, you’re not only getting just the views of the top.  Technology has allowed us to ask, what do we want as a society?

It’s us who have that power, if we unite we can bring the change.

“I think it is true that given the choice, we would choose to live in a world where all trade was fair, where violence was irrelevant, poverty a myth and pollution unheard of, given the choice.  Yet has the choice really been taken away from us?” – Paul Maple

Everybody has power.  We are making a difference.  You can live smart by the climate, do the right thing by poverty and join up with millions around the world that feel the way you do and together we can make a change.

Fundamentally, you feel better if you act for society.  Be part of it.

Poverty is a very complex issue but the divide between rich and poor is still growing, but what can we do about it?

We have the money and the means to end poverty.  It is something we will look back on with shame.  The biggest killer of children in the whole world is diarrhea.  All poverty in the world could be eradicated with $60 billion dollars a year.

End poverty with 1% of the worlds’ income.

If we share our knowledge, we can learn from one another.  The Maples have created an online interactive video forum for people to share their ideas.

It’s worth rebelling against apathy and doing things for others and children.  There’s another meaning in life than just surviving it.  In what situations and circumstances do you find meaning in life?  Spend some time in those circumstances.

Who am I and where am I going to?  Ask these daily questions.

Sometimes in human history something changes.  A need arises.  We all have a chance to make a difference.


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