Thor News on four comets tracking through solar system

If comets are dirty snowballs, whose throwing them?  Thor News hosts describe the four comets:

Published on 10 Nov 2013 PLEASE do not watch this video unless you are an intelligent human being with a sense of humor. Thank you. Yes. It is true. We’ve got 4 major comets in our inner solar system which is a very unusual event. Comets s1 c2012 ISON c2013 r1 LOVEJOY c2012 X1 LINEAR and 2P ENCKE. It’s raining dirty snowballs, y’all! Some are periodic, some are hyperbolic but they are all special in their own way. These are strange and interesting times indeed. With the announcement of the Lazarus comets waking up in the Asteroid Belt, then p/2013 p5 growing six tails, NASA being neutered by Congress and the White House, all the talk of Neutron Stars, Brown Dwarves and little green men, who knows what shall happen next?


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