Heart of Permaculture

Bill Wilson, Co-founder of Midwest Permaculture in Stelle, Illinois shares insights from the heart of permaculture with host of Peak Moments.  The interview is summarized as follows:

Former truck driver Bill Wilson tells an insightful story about the energy packed in a gallon of gasoline. Now a permaculture educator, he sees permaculture as a viable, realistic way to use nature to provide the abundance we really need — harvesting sunlight, food, wind, water and more. Can you guess what the magic stuff is that we all can’t live without? (No, it’s not oil.) In his classes, Bill not only passes on a bounty of practical, common sense ideas, he also inspires people to experience being alive on the planet, finding their connectedness with life, their passion and ways to make a world that works for everybody.

I took notes on what Wilson said that inspired me:

The key is harvesting the wind, the rain and the sunlight.

[Permaculture considers ways to turn from a “consumption model” into a “creation model”.]

Nature can provide abundance.

[Permaculture design starts with over-story trees, then fruit-bearing trees and works all the way down to root vegetables and climbing vines.]

I think we have created a culture that is pretty much disconnected with reality..we’re basically living a life pretty unconsciously.  We fall into these roles, I have to make a living, I have to have a job, I’m gonna get married, I have to have children and we just go through this motion of accepting what is, and of course I have to have TV, I have to consume things because that’s all there is and I have to have a dishwasher and a this and that and it’s just the way it was laid out in front of us and nobody has really questioned it in a big way.. because we live disconnected to the natural world, and I’m not talking about going out and hugging a tree, I’m talking about putting your feet on the ground and realizing that the magic of life that exists on this planet is simply because of this stuff, top soil.  Without this, we do not exist on the planet.. ashes to ashes and dust to dust, we all came from this, we all return to this.

We have created a culture, we have a community, but we don’t even know our neighbor, you know, we don’t even know how to get along, just because we’ve lost the ability to know how to grow food, to know how to preserve food, to know how to heat ourselves in the winter when it’s cold.  We have lost to a great extent, the ability to be patient with one another.. we’ve lost the ability to see the magic in others, to see the miracle or the beauty.

We’ve created an artificial world, an artificial culture and what we are aching for is an experience of being alive on the planet, as being a spiritual, human animal on this planet.


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