Why comet unexpectedly brightened – Thunderbolt

Are comets like “Thunderbolts of the gods,” as David Talbott and Wal Thornhill have suggested.  According to the Electric Universe Model, the main driver of the heavens is electricity.  Ancient depictions of comets do certainly resemble thunderbolts.

So, why did Mars light up so brightly as comet ISON passed by it recently? There appeared to be significant charge between them.  And, this comet, only discovered last year has “significantly brightened’ since October 20th, according to reports.  The Sun has released almost 30 coronal mass ejections in the last week or so, after being suspiciously silent.  Could comet ISON’s approach have anything to do with the Sun’s awakening?

According to the slowly combusting, Static model of the universe, a comet is only a frozen dust ball that discharges in a tail stream as heat from solar rays hit it.  So, why did ISON and Mars interact as the two met recently?  Mars lit up like a Christmas tree and it almost looked like fixed star Regulus was lit up too.  Could there be an electromagnetic pull between them?

Wal Thornhill likens a comet to a capacitor that can explode if overcharged, releasing energy along linear fields, like lightening bolts through power lines.


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