Nature in unnatural world

Collective Evolution posted this, questioning the state of humans in the man-made world.  To me, it looks like the pinnacle of postmodernism, only just before the ball drops.  Video opens with conglomeration of media, frenzied images of battlefield heroics, popular sports, lipstick and superimposed lace that’s pumped into our living rooms via digital feeds from satellites every day.  I would add the myriad pharmaceutical commercials to soothe every physical and emotional ache and pain, as it seems many of us aren’t feeling so well.  What a tremendous effort that system must take to maintain.  No wonder there’s hardly a thing on TV worth watching.

The narrator asks what would happen if that whole system went away and we returned to an existence in closer accord with nature.

Video description reads:

Published on 4 Jun 2012…

Is this really our human nature? To note: There is no REAL human nature. We simply are. But at the same time it is becoming more evident that we do have an innate quality to be and exist in peace.


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