‘Lord of the Deep’ oarfish sightings

“18-foot oarfish” photo source: CNN.com

A man called DaDa has taken note of two separate deep-sea oarfish washing up dead on the California coast last week.  He writes;

Hm. Japanese lore refers to oarfish as, “lords of the deep.” Their appearance is rather ominous, and is typically associated with catastrophes/earth changes. These animals live at great depth and are very sensitive to their surroundings, typically dying off and showing up on the surface because of seismic activity, or somesuch unusual undersea hoopla. The last oarfish carcasses to appear were off the coast of Japan, pre-earthquake/-tsunami, about 18 months prior.

The one above washed up onshore near Catalina in Southern California on October 16, 2013.

The author advises that Californians update their earthquake kits, as a second oarfish has turned up along the coast.  Report continues with an update on 20th of October:

Another oarfish washed up in SoCal this same week, in Oceanside. Here’s hoping: 1. These fish are being carried in by a weird climate-change current, or; 2. The quake turns out to be a sub-7. Of course, like much of Tokyo and Japan, California is rife with state-of-the-art earthquake technology, and has been retrofitting like crazy in the last ten years or so.


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