Endocrine disruptors regenerate at night in U.S. lakes and streams

Truth Stream Media video opens with a NYT op-ed that warns endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere.  The FDA won’t ban BPA even though it’s banned in Canada and EU.  The FDA has stated that because ‘gender-bending’ chemicals are in such wide-spread use by American companies, and these companies are not required to disclose their ingredient formulas, it would be a lengthy, difficult process to ban these hormone disruptors.

The Truthstreammedia host cites Nature.com from a recent report on findings that anabolic steroids regenerate at night after being broken down by sunlight during the day.  This report is based on a University of Iowa study that involved testing the waterways at night, as they had commonly only been tested during the day.  This led to findings that the hormone disrupting chemicals regenerate at night like ‘zombies’, causing infertility by effeminizing frogs and other aquatic life.

17a-trembolone is one of these nocturnally regenerating steroids.  Fed as a growth-promoter to 20 million cattle in U.S.. It has been banned in European Union, but continues to contaminate rivers and streams via run-off from factory farms.

Swiss-based Syngenta produces 80 million pounds of a weed-killer, atrazine for use in the U.S..  Ironically, atrazine has also been banned in European Union.   Syngenta settled a class-action lawsuit with 2000 water districts in midwestern U.S. states over this commonly-used, weed-killer.  Atrazine run-off contaminated the drinking water supply of 52 million Americans, according to a report cited from Wall Street Journal.

Truth Stream Media host recommends filtering water to protect ourselves.  But, these chemical disruptors have already been found in the blood supply of both babies and mothers.

Do cattle really need to be fed growth promoters?  Do Americans really need to spray synthetic weed killers on the lawn?  Must we buy and drink from plastic bottles and eat from plastic-lined cans?  Even when doing so has been shown to cause various cancer and infertility?  We may need to vote with our dollars.

I wonder what an Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Can would look like post-industrialized?  The North Pacific’s ‘Great garbage patch’ comes to mind.

Here’s more from description at Truthstreammedia on you-tube:

Published on 27 Sep 2013


Hormone-upsetting chemicals dumped into the environment are rising up to haunt Americans, spreading cancer and infertility around the world.

With the endocrine disrupting Bisphenol-A (BPA) — found ubiquitously in food can linings, plastic bottles, ATM receipts, toilet paper and hundreds of other products — already a major problem tied to infertility, breast cancer, low sperm counts, deformities in humans and sex morphology in aquatic wildlife, yet still unregulated by the FDA, other hormonal disrupters dumped into water supplies are emerging as major issues, too.

Now, environmentalists are concerned that hormones dumped into water — from sources like factory farm cattle operations — are at higher levels than previously though, in part because they mysteriously regenerate at night, thwarting attempts to measure them and assumptions about them breaking down in sunlight. From Nature.com:
“Hormone-disrupting chemicals may be far more prevalent in lakes and rivers than previously thought. Environmental scientists have discovered that although these compounds are often broken down by sunlight, they can regenerate at night, returning to life like zombies.”


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