“Maybe Logic: The Lives & Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson” -2003

This documentary about author, thinker, philosopher, playwright and alchemist Robert Anton Wilson is refreshing, well worth watching.  It took a while to figure out what Wilson meant by ‘maybe logic’.  It’s about escaping our own ‘reality tunnel’ in order to open our minds to understand points of view unlike our own.    The footage is taken from different public appearances and private conversations with Wilson.

The author describes quantum physics very simply.  It’s hard to understand how a particle can be in one of three places at any given time.  But, when we understand that we invented the boundaries, understanding becomes easier.  Light can be both a wave and a particle.  It’s neither until we look.  “The universe itself is bigger than any of our models,” he says.

Here are a few quotes taken from Wilson’s statements early in the film:

Any model we make does not describe the universe.  It describes what our brains are capable of saying at this time.”

Long before quantum mechanics, German philosopher Husserl said that all perception is a gamble.  Every type of bigotry, every type of racism, sexism, prejudice, every dogmatic ideology that allows people to kill other people with a clear conscience, every stupid cult, every superstition-ridden religion, every kind of ignorance in the world are all results from not realizing that our perceptions are gambles.  We believe what we see and then we believe our interpretation of it and we don’t even know we’re making an interpretation most of the time.  We think this is reality.  In philosophy, that’s called naive realism.  What I perceive is reality.  And philosophers have refuted naive realism every century for the last 2500 years, starting with Buddha and Plato and yet most people still act on the basis of naive realism.”

There’s so much more contained within this film.  Enjoy!

Description reads:

Uploaded on Oct 11, 2011


Maybe Logic: The Lives & Ideas Of Robert Anton Wilson (2003)

Guerrilla ontologist. Psychedelic magician. Outer head of the Illuminati. Quantum psychologist. Sit-down comic/philosopher. Discordian Pope. Whatever the label and rank, Robert Anton Wilson is undeniably one of the foundations of 21th Century Western counterculture. Maybe Logic – The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson is a cinematic alchemy that conjures it all together in a hilarious and mind-bending journey guaranteed to increase your brain size 2 – 3 inches! From the water coolers and staff meetings of Playboy and the earth-shattering transmission of the Illuminatus! Trilogy, to fire-breathing senior citizen and Taoist sage, Robert Anton Wilson is a man who has passed through the trials of chapel perilous and found himself on wondrous ground where nothing is for certain, even the treasured companionship of a six-foot-tall white rabbit. Featuring RAW video spanning 25 years and the best of over 100 hours of footage thoroughly tweaked…

This feature-length documentary features Tom Robbins, RU Sirius, Ivan Stang, Paul Krassner, Valerie Corral and Douglas Rushkoff.

The soundtrack includes music from Boards of Canada, Animals On Wheels, Tarentel, Funki Porcini, The Supplicants, Pullman, Matt Elliott, The Cinematic Orchestra, Ognen Spiroski and Amon Tobin.

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