4MIN News August 30, 2013 “Black Holes” Reject Matter, LandSat8, Large CME

This morning’s video by Suspicious Observers discusses Harvard scientist’s new theory to explain observed, “Black hole rejection of matter.”

Chandra X-Ray image is astounding.  Large amounts of ‘outflow’ have been observed at the so-called ‘black hole’ at our galaxy’s center, called Sagittarius A*. This region has been quite active lately, but then, Chandra has only been on-line since 1999.

Solar wind density has picked up due to Earth-facing coronal hole and a CME erupted on the limb, according to the report.

Suspicious Observers comment thread interested me.  David LaPoint’s demonstration of strong electromagnetism alongside those of Electric Universe are discussed in relation to the detected outpouring of Sagittarius A*.


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