Sage herb improves memory, studies show

Elizabeth Renter has this report at Natural Society about two studies that show age-old sage to, “Significantly improve memory and recall.

From the report:


The study, published in the June 2003 Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, looked at the effects of sage on memory recall tests. The researchers used 45 individuals in two groups; one group received a placebo while others received sage essential oil at dosages between 50 and 150 microls. Following the administration, memory tests were given. Even those who were given the smallest amount of sage oil saw notable memory improvements.

The second study cited for this report suggests that sage could be beneficial in treating Alzheimer’s.  Renter continues:

Another study conducted that same year indicated compounds within Chinese sage could offer an alternative to pharmaceutical Alzheimer’s disease treatments. Professor Peter Houghton presented findings at the 2003 British Pharmaceutical Conference that showed isolated compounds in sage acted as acetylcholinesterase (AchE) inhibitors, similar to prescription drug solutions.

In Alzheimer’s disease patients, there is an increase in AchE which leads to cellular damage and subsequent memory loss and dementia. By inhibiting AchE, sage could prevent the damage and Alzheimer’s symptoms.

As protection against witchcraft and as a means of spiritual purification, sage has a history of remarkable uses. Shown once again by this recent study, some of these benefits have been tested and proven worthwhile by modern science. These benefits include sage as a digestive aid, sore throat soother, cold remedy, cough suppressant, protection against cognitive decline, and more.

The author of this report suggests adding easy to grow sage herb to daily diet.  Read more, click here.


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