“Hemp – The Environmentally Sustainable Alternative”

Did you know that Henry Ford rolled out a Hemp plastic car in 1941?  Ships ropes and sails were made of hemp.  The argument was, why tear out old growth forests when you can use hemp that grows in one season.  Why was hemp banned in the first place?

Ford sought to , “Ease the emerging problems of petrochemical pollution,” using  hemp to, “Grow automobiles from the soil,” according to the video.

The automobile entrepreneur teamed up with Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver in order to develop biodegradable plastics using hemp.

Instead, hemp was banned and petrochemical pollution has been allowed to flourish.  Why?  Here are two more interesting quotes from this Hemp 101 video:

“In 1938, advances in hemp decordication equipment prompted Popular Mechanics magazine to call hemp the ‘billion dollar crop’ with ‘25,000 uses’.”

“At the [Ford] company’s River Rouge Plant, researchers used annual crops to develop biodegradable car parts and in 1941, unveiled a car whose plastic body was made entirely from hemp, wheat straw and sisal.  The bio-plastic withstood blows 10-times as great as steal without denting, and it’s reduced weight promised better fuel efficiency.”

Hemp needs to be restored to the service of human-kind.

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