Dr David Evans blasts global warming alarmism 1

Dr. David Evans presents the evidence for global warming alarmism on his website, Sciencespeak.com.

Dr Evans presents actual evidence concerning air temperature, measured since 1979 by NASA Aqua satellite.  The first global warming prediction came in 1988 by James Hansen to Congress, based on his climate model.  Hansen got the ball rolling politically on global warming, according to Dr Evans.  His climate model is shown to be wrong.  In 1990, the IPCC presented another climate model predicting global temperature rising in degrees.  The model overestimated the temperature increases.  Data measuring ocean temperatures is only accurate beginning in 2003, Dr Evans says.  This is when the ARGO program was launched.  The ARGO program has 3,000 floats that dive down 2,000 meters and slowly rise, measuring temperatures.  Ocean temperatures have been essentially flat since 2003.  EVISAT, a European satellite measures sea-level rise. There is a huge contrast between climate model predictions and actual sea-level rise, which is much smaller than predicted.  Dr Evans then addresses atmospheric temperature.  Weather balloons have been measuring atmosphere temperatures for quite a while.  The hot spot predicted by climate models is nowhere to be found.  Last, he looks at outgoing radiation.  NASA satellites have been measuring outgoing radiation since mid-1970s.  “Climate models trap heat too aggressively,” he concludes.


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