4MIN News August 22, 2013 – Rogue Planets, Earth-Directed CME

Check out the little comet-like body entering in from bottom right at 3:15 seconds in to today’s video by Suspicious Observers.  It appears to smack into the Sun’s corona, causing a small CME to burst out.  Comet ISON is a pretty large comet.  We’ll find out how the Sun will react in November.

It’s great to see such close ups of our solar star, thanks to advances in science and space technology.  It is undeniable that the Sun plays a role in weather on Earth.  Comets can play a role on weather on Earth too, as we witnessed in Chelyabinsk.  Where are these comets coming from?  If the comets were dormant in the outer solar system then what is waking them up?


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