“Nibiru – Planet X Revealed” – by Jim Nichols

Does our Sun have a binary star, a brown dwarf that orbits within our solar system every 3,600 years or so?  This documentary explores the evidence for a binary, citing both ancient and modern sources.   Jim Nichols consider what such a large body entering our solar system could do.  Jim Marrs book Alien Agenda is referenced, along with Zacharia Sitchin’s The 12th Planet, which is an interpretation from ancient Sumerian texts.

This video was uploaded to UFO TV in 2011.  Nichols narrates, beginning with evidence of Nibiru.  Has a brown dwarf been spotted in infrared from the South Pole?  Has the Vatican owned “Lucifer” infrared observatory, also set up to search for Planet X spotted anything?   Following are quotes from the film:

“As the 21st century unfolds, it may soon reveal that ancient cultures were not the foolishly unsophisticated people modern historians would have us believe.  In times long past, Nibiru’s approach may have so  thoroughly pulverized technically advanced societies that knowledge of those elevated cultures faded into myth and legend.  Perhaps that remains the imperative goal of modern secret societies, that the great work of the ages  is an ongoing program designed to preserve doctrines and bloodlines from antiquity against yet another passing of Nibiru.  Still, humans are a notoriously tenacious species.  Despite all odds, they have survived the onslaught of Nibiru multiple times in the past and likely a hardy remnant will continue to do so.”

“The Vishnu Parana, one of the oldest sacred texts of India describes the Age of Kali-Yuga as a time when, ‘The leaders who rule over the Earth will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects… The leaders, with the excuse of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property.  Moral values and the rule of law will lessen from day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.'”

“Modern civilization is blindly lost to an unbridled lust for exploitation and destruction of our fragile planet for corporate gain.”

The new, enlightened age fast approaching is called “Satya-Yuga” in ancient Hindu texts.   Nichols also cites Nag Hammadi texts from Egypt, discovered in 1945.   Ether is described as “Sentient light”, or a light wave, and this is said to be the medium of the coming age, he states.  Nichols continues:

Unprecedented changes are reportedly affecting the Sun and all its planets.  In fact, the electromagnetic plasma field enveloping the solar system has become measurably thicker.  Whether these anomalies are the result of Nibiru’s approach or that our solar system is entering a more highly charged region of the galaxy is unclear.  But, the potential effects of such profound cosmic changes may impact humanity at its most fundamental, sociological, if not physiological levels.  These extraordinary electromagnetic alterations are demonstrating how all of humanity is inextricably linked at a molecular level to the most basic fabric of the universe.  Even the vibrant pulse of the Earth itself is quickening.  The base resonant frequency of our planet, referred to as the ‘Schumann Cavity Resonance’ has been recorded as a constant 7.8 Hertz until 1986, when mysteriously the rate began steadily increasing.  On a cellular level, our bodies mimic this electromagnetic pulse.  Human physiology harmonically resonates to the same pulse as the Earth, which resonates with the Sun, which resonates with the solar system, which resonates with the galaxy core, which pulses in-tune to the heart of the universe itself.  Humanity literally shares a resonant pulse with all of existence.  The ancients called this the ‘Sacred Circuit’.”

Does this mean”catastrophe” or “renaissance” for humanity?  Nichols ponders.


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