Does LHC give evidence for new physics?

Large Hadron Collider Source: Huffington Post

This UK Tech news was published by Huffington Post regarding the progress of the Large Hadron Collider.  It is reported that LHC may have detected, “Minute deviations in the behavior of a subatomic particle.”

If this is confirmed, then a deviation in the Standard Model of Physics would also be called for.  This sounds like what quantum physics has been confirming for a long time.

The report covers last year’s announcement by scientists working at LHC had found the Higg’s Boson particle, the one that is believed to be, “Responsible for mass,” but as experiments in the lab have shown, light can act as both a particle and a wave, and seemingly, randomly so.

I must admit that I have been skeptical about the necessity to build such a huge and energy consuming infrastructure in order to smash particles together to find the one that, in theory creates mass.  I suspect that the progenitor of mass is not a particle at all, but something much more ethereal.

Here’s more about the findings by Professor Joaquim Matias, from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain and his team, from this report:

A Spanish and French team has now announced results that could be the first indication of a New Physics reality.

They involve data from the LHCb, one of the giant detectors that form part of the LHC on the French-Swiss border.

Scientists were measuring the decay of a fundamental particle called the B meson. They revealed deviations from what was predicted by the Standard Model that show a coherent pattern, and are consistent with New Physics.

The findings amount to a significant ‘proof’ level of 4.5 sigmas – just under the level of five sigmas which is regarded as a bona fide discovery.

If confirmed by other teams, it amounts to a ‘major event’ pointing to a realm beyond the Standard Model, say the physicists.

The Standard Model does not explain what the ‘dark matter’ that holds galaxies together is.  What is the force of gravity?  Could gravity be created through electromagnetism?  The LHC uses large amounts of energy to conduct experiments in vacuums.  But, the space within a vacuum may fluctuate as well.  The Standard Model, as the article defines it is, “A description of the ‘nuts and bolts’ mechanics of the universe, it’s particles and forces,” but, this may be only a small part of the equation.

This brings us back to the question of the ages.  What is the fifth element?


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