Terence McKenna – short montage

The Planet has carried us to term,” says Terence McKenna in the first segment of this video uploaded by TheCorsair00 on you-tube.

Here’s more about the recorded segments by McKenna from video description:

Based on two segments of audio and video that feature the creative and visionary ideas of Terence McKenna.

The first clip is taken from Erik Davis’ interview with Terence from 1999 – including video from Dean Jefferys’ documentary Shamans of the Amazon – and the second is from the 1987 Angels Aliens & Archetypes Symposium.

Features “real” UFO footage and media segments and several clips from popular movies and TV shows. The best segments come from Mitch Schultz’s documentary DMT: The Spirit Molecule and the Time Wave Zero DVD by Sound Photosynthesis.

The clincher comes as McKenna describes the road to enlightenment for our species.  He says:

“The dignified way out of this cultural impasse, this global stand-off is for us to take seriously, on a personal level the possibility of evolving our communications with one another so that we actually become the loving family of the goddess, the planetary organism that we all feel ahead of us in the future, casting an enormous shadow back over the historical landscape.  Eventually, and when is up to us, it will no longer be a higher dimensional object throwing a shadow into the flat dimensions of history.  It will be instead a transcendental object made manifest.  We are in fact on the brink of great changes..”

He concludes with this statement:

“If we act in good conscience and in great faith with one another, we can in fact realize the hope of the Irish prayer, which says ‘may you be alive at the end of the world‘.”


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