“Supermarket where you pick your own produce”

Vision for a pick-your-own produce supermarket. Source: ModernFarmer.com

Jordan Kushins writes about a brand new idea for an all-in-one greenhouse and pick-your-own produce market for ModernFarmer.com.  He begins:

For people who get most of their produce from the harshly lit aisles of the grocery store, the fresh air of a farmers’ market can feel like a revelation. All of a sudden you’re face-to-face with the folks who grew those greens, chatting about the best ways to braise chard. As collective interest in food origins continues to steadily increase, getting one step closer to the source is a privilege (ripe for parody at times, but a privilege nonetheless). Ben Greene wants to tighten that gap even further with The Farmery, an all-in-one greenhouse and local food mart that will offer urbanites the opportunity to harvest their favorite greens on the spot.

Kushins includes a Vimeo video about the harvest your own market. The article continues:

The industrial designer grew up on a somewhat unsuccessful farm in North Carolina’s Polk County, which likely informed his desire to develop a business model that made small-scale cultivation profitable for both the cropper and the retailer. The realization of his vision has been a complex process five years in the making, assisted by plant propagation specialist Tyler Nethers and entrepreneur Jeff Curran. They began with a closer look at the steps involved in our modern food systems, which revealed specific places in the process that offered clear room to refine. “It was apparent that there wasn’t a whole lot of improvements that could be done at the farm,” he says. “But from there, the trip to the retailer was very inefficient. I decided to discard the parts of the journey that customers least care about — transportation and distributing.”

“A mini-Farmery prototype in North Carolina” Source: ModernFarmer.com

Read more and watch the video, click here.


1 thought on ““Supermarket where you pick your own produce””

  1. I can absolutely see this in our near future. Wouldn’t this be a grand thing to be a part of! 😉

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