North Dakota drillers “burn off $100 million” in natural gas per month

Reuters photo Shannon Stapleton Source: MSN

Ernest Dempsey has this report about the huge amounts of wasted gas burned off by oil producers in North Dakota.  He writes:

One third of the natural gas drilled off the Bakkenshale oil fields in North Dakota is being let to dissipate in the air by oil producers, informs a Reuters report on MSN News. The gas thus wasted is valued at more than $100 million a month, says the report.

A story on this topic in The Dickinson Press explains that natural gas drilled along with oil cannot be stored like oil in tanks and needs to be piped immediately to a processing facility. The story tells that gas flaring in these fields has increased three-fold in the past three years and while in Alaska and Texas, gas flaring makes less than 1% of that extracted, in North Dakota fields flared gas formed about 29% of the total gas extracted in the state in May 2013.

Dempsey also references a Rigzone  report stating that oil and gas production reached an all time high this year, with the number of completed wells growing from 10 to 143.

Read the rest, click here.


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