Water movement at Assumption Parish sinkhole – July 19, 2013

The second video is taken at the public briefing by Assumptionla addressing the rise and fall of water level inside the cavern.   It is still a mystery as to where the gas is coming from.

The Assumptionla representative says, “We have talked to some of the leading experts in the world as to what could be causing this, we don’t know,” when asked about the rise and drop in water levels.

He continues, “Nobody’s encountered anything like this in the history of mankind.”

Then, he explains:

“What’s going on with that cavern where it’s going up several hundred feet, then down several hundred feet, whether it’s equipment issues or there’s something going on in the cavern we don’t understand.., the pressure in the cavern continues to slowly increase, it’s up now to almost 600 PSI at the well head, that’s brine pressure, not gas.”


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