“Local tomatoes are in season now” – News from Gaining Ground

Gaining Ground holds online tomato recipe contest
Gaining Ground holds online tomato recipe contest

Gaining Ground, a Chattanooga-based organization, committed to preserving and enhancing local food practices and fresh, in-season cooking, highlights cooking demos and pie eating contests with TOMATOES.

From the Gaining Ground press release:

Tomatoes bring recipe cards, contests, events, and cooking classes

Summer is here, and local tomatoes are at area farmers markets. Heirloom varieties adorn market booths, providing the very best flavors in the Chattanooga area. With an abundance of this seasonal fruit, classes and events are planned to ensure not only enjoying tomatoes fully but also stretching enjoyment through the winter.

“With our planned events and cooking demonstrations, the Signal Mountain Farmers Market strives for folks to get to know their farmer, exchange recipes, learn new cooking methods, and feel part of the community,” said Teresa Garland, market manager for the Signal Mountain Farmers Market. “Several farms have beautiful heirloom tomatoes this month – ready for canning, diced in salads or eating as is!”

Here’s a schedule of upcoming events in Chattanooga:

July 13: Tomato cooking demo at the Brainerd Farmers Market

Saturdays, 10-12pm, 20 Belvoir Avenue

July 18: Tomato cooking demo at Signal Mountain Farmers Market

Thursdays, 4-6 pm, 2815 Anderson Pike

July 25: Tomato Pie Contest at the Signal Mountain Farmers Market

August 5: Canning class held by UT Extension – Hamilton County

6 – 8 pm, 6183 Adamson Circle. Contact UT Extension to RSVP.

August 15:  “Experiencing Slow Food” with Slow Food Chattanooga

6 pm, Hunter Museum

August 31: Mia Cucina’s tomato cooking class with a local farmer and Gaining Ground

6 pm, 345 Frazier Avenue. Call Mia Cucina to RSVP.

To continue celebrating seasonal produce, Gaining Ground will have an online tomato recipe contest, where the entry with the most votes will win a Farmers Market gift certificate. Farmer inspired recipe cards are also available at area farmers markets.




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