“The Time has Come” – Craig Pruess and the Ganda Boys

The description from Delores Cannon’s You-tube page reads:

Published on Jul 12, 2013

(Copyright Craig Pruess and Heaven On Earth Music)


Creating the 2013 world peace song, “The Time Has Come,” by Craig Pruess and the Ganda Boys, inspired by Dolores Cannon’s timely books, “The Convoluted Universe” series:

The song came to me and the Ganda Boys during a very special time shortly after we had returned from Uganda in April 2013. We had performed a big headlining concert in the presence of the Queen of Buganda and senior government ministers of Uganda and an enthusiastic crowd of 1,000 in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, East Africa. It was clear from the great celebration and dancing and open hearts created by the concert night how music can just bring people together so beautifully and create smiles on their faces and heal divisions! The energy was just so high!

And during all those weeks of rehearsal in Uganda building up to the big concert event, my wife and I were reading to each other the “Convoluted Universe” books 1 – 4, and so many references to the coming planetary shift, and how that might play out. Also, it was clear that the healing of the world had already begun, that past wrongs were coming forward into the light day — where they could be openly and candidly acknowledged and fully revealed for the healing of the world! We are seeing all these steps in that divinely inspired process.

Many people I talk to these days are saying that it is a rocky time for them in so many ways — relationships, money, career change, difficult decisions, health, etc… It’s all because the energy is getting more intense and a higher vibration is permeating the human race — as Dolores relates in her books: how all our cells and molecules are changing their vibrations to exist and function at a higher level. For music, it is a VERY powerful time, and it is like jumping on a great huge white horse and holding on for dear life when these songs and ideas come through! They are bursting to manifest in this world at this time. And we pray (as the volunteers which we are at this time!) that we can be the instruments of divine will and be solid enough to see through what needs to be said and bring it out into the world.

All these impressions and thoughts and ideas contributed to the opening lyric: “In a time of such change, you might shiver in the rain, keep your head when so many cry and doubt you — hold on tight through the night, do your best to see the light, even though your heart is heavy from the violence…” And then the key line: “The change is coming.”

We see what is going on around us, and it’s so hard not to get pained by the suffering of so many. We long to be the change ourselves, but see how far there is to go. Hang on…. maybe we are closer than we think! Ultimately, we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. That’s where we can help each other so much — to be a reminder for each other: “Stand up strong, it won’t be long, heaven’s grace will surely come…”

So, as musicians/songwriters and co-creators in this world, our job (as the Ganda Boys and members of this great human race) is to remind everyone that “the time is coming….” We’re getting closer; that there are many forces at play much bigger than what we can imagine… and then, zing, it all changes to: “The Times Has Come” — and it’s time to sing and dance, and celebrate that we got through it all together and that our world (with every breath) is becoming a more divine place, and that all our collective efforts have helped to create Heaven on Earth!


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