Cardinal Experience, crux of the matter


I hit a male cardinal on the way home today.  I wasn’t paying attention and he wasn’t either.  I saw him right before he went under the car.  I heard the little fellow scrape the bottom.  I think he hit his head.  I saw him lying still from my rear mirror.  He must have died quickly.

He was a daddy cardinal, taking care of baby birds too, probably.  He had hopped out from around the drain grate.  It had just rained.  No doubt, he was there looking for worms.

I was so sad.  I turned the car around.  I saw another cardinal on the way back.  I wondered if it was him.  I knew it wasn’t because this one was a bit fatter.  He must have been a young male.  I  pulled over and put my hazards on.  I picked up the shirt that I had just taken off, due to the heat.  I approached him and gently scooped him up.  He was warm and lifeless.  He was also beautiful, with not a scratch on him.

A car approached and I turned around.  I took red cardinal to the grass, disturbing some animal as I approached.  I gently laid him to rest, with his long red feather tail.  I cried as I do now.  The End.

The four Cardinal Virtues, according to 13th Century poet and painter Dante, are Justice, Prudence, Temperance and Fortitude.


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