American Diversity Report – Summer Edition plus editor’s new book, “Going Southern” published

American Diversity Report president and editor Deborah Levine has a new book out called Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide to Success in the South.   This book is described as follows:

Going Southern is a personal journey and a guide to navigating the culture of the South. Deborah Levine’s stories & strategies give New Southerners a cultural map to the U.S. Southeast while entertaining them in true Southern style. Levine is an award-winning author, recipient of the 2013 Diversity Champion Award, Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report and a blogger with The Huffington Post.

In his Forward to Going Southern, Dr. Roger Brown, Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, shares his own story and thoughts on Going Southern.

“Growing up in the Appalachian hills of east Tennessee during the 1940s and 1950s, I did not realize that I was part of a distinct “culture.” My opportunities to travel widely, first in the United States and then around the world, revealed to me the many behaviors, dialects, and artifacts that defined my culture of origin. So, it often takes moving outside of one’s parochial setting to see and be able to describe to others what it is like.”

“This fun and highly useful book is the result of Deborah J. Levine’s ability to view aspects of Southern culture through more objective eyes and with the benefit of her keen insights as a relative newcomer. Ms. Levine’s own family history and background prepared her to view her adopted Southern culture with appreciation for its rich idiosyncrasies, its ancient roots, and its importance to the success of travelers and immigrants from other parts of the world. Her insights are warm and vital because she delivers them in an engaging storytelling style that is itself an example of Southern literary culture.

Levine writes about this Summer Edition of ADR:

Summer is a time for slowing down and taking time to enjoy what we’ve been given in life. We try to take a break from work and Breathe!  In reality, our lives move so quickly these days that work & life are often inseperable and overwhelming. To help you breathe, our Summer issue offers new articles and old favorites for managing the workplace, stories & poems for quiet reflection, and pieces on health, safety, & wellness.

(There will be an additional late summer edition with a summary & videos of our 2013 Global Leadership Forum.)

INVITE: Will you be in Chattanooga on Saturday, July 27 from 1-3pm?  Drop by Barnes & Noble in the Gunbarrell Mall where I’ll be signing copies of Going Southern.  Come & say Hello!


Four Summer Health Benefits — by Julian Kaufman
Mental Insomnia – Poem by Darius Myrick
A Conversation with a New Dad about Women — by Deborah Levine
Fiction is the Driver of the Future — by Roy Huff
What Global Physical Inactivity Means for You — Julian Kaufman
Church — Poem by John C. Mannone
What Culture do you Want to Create in Your Organization? — by Mallary Tytel, PhD, MBA
Hand of Blessing — Poem by Judith Nembhard
A Geneology Lesson with a Son’s Passing — by Arlene Weiss
No More Roadside Shrines — by Micki Peluso
How to Forget — Poem by Kalyani Rajalingham
Diverse Cultures Demonstrate Longevity Strategies: by Julian Kaufman
Shomerim at Birkenau — Poem by KB Ballantine
A Genuine Smile — Poem by Wendell Brown
How I am Powerful Beyond Measure — Dr. Missy Johnson

REMINDER to WRITERS: Our readers are often our writers, sharing their expertise, innovations, and efforts to make a difference. Mark the 2013 Fall deadline of September 15 in your calendar and check out our updated GUIDELINES.   If you’re not already a contributor, consider sharing your writing through the American Diversity Report.  Submit an article or become a regular blogger.

American Diversity Report

Click here to read articles included in ADR Summer 2013 Edition.



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