Signs of Change July 2013 part 1

North America took a weather beating this last couple of weeks.  From flooding along the East coast to wildfires, hail storms and record heat in the West, Hawkkey Davis channel shows one tough time for many people and tons of fish along the Mississippi coast.  China, Indonesia and parts of Europe were also battered.  And I read that 3,000 people are still missing due to flooding in India.

Jet streams are troubled, from what I’ve read.  Also, the Earth’s magnetic field is disturbed and the magnetic north pole continues drifting at an accelerated pace towards Siberia.  I don’t believe that any of these three is caused by human actions.  It is proven that weather can be manipulated, but saying that humans have caused Earth’s climate to change is like saying that dinosaurs caused the Ice Age.  It simply makes no sense.

Earth seems to go through huge changes approximately every 12.000 years.  That’s about half of a cycle that Plato referred to as the Great Year.  The Greek philosopher may have understood more about the cycles on Earth than scientists today who perpetuate “anthropogenic climate change” theories.

Michio Kaku says in the interview clip from the video that this is the worst weather since science, meaning since records have been kept officially, which means maybe 150 years.  Stalagmites and ice core samples give a much longer, more detailed record of climate change on this planet.


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