Family-size solar powered car unveiled in the Netherlands

The students of Eindhoven University of Technology have formed “Solar Team Eindhoven” to produce a family-sized car without a combustion engine that is energy-producing.  The car was recently unveiled and the team plans to enter this vehicle into the Australian Solar car competition in October.

The team focused on  lightweight design, efficiency, aerodynamics in the building of this vehicle.  It’s impressive. has a report on the Eindhoven teams’ solar powered, family car, click here to read it.

“Stella, world’s first solar-powered family car.” – Credit: Bart van Overbeeke.
The Solar Team Eindhoven (STE) of TU/e in the Netherlands presented the world’s first solar-powered family car today. ‘Stella’ is the first ‘energy-positive car’ with room for four people, a trunk, intuitive steering and a range of 600 kilometers. This is the car being entered by the student team in the Cruiser class of the World Solar Challenge that starts in Australia in October 2013.Read more at:


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