The Electric Comet – Thunderbolts Project

Video description from Thunderbolts project:

Published on Jun 18, 2013

URGENT: PLEASE READ THIS. We believe that this critical review of textbook comet theory can have a major impact on human understanding of these remarkable bodies. It can also reach well beyond the specialized science of comets to provoke a reconsideration of the Sun, planetary history, and a good deal more. We live in an Electric Universe, and the enigmatic behavior of comets provides unique insights into the role of charged particles and electrified plasma throughout the Cosmos.

We ask for your help in inviting scientists and other centers of influence to consider the factual content in this film. For the next 60-90 days we will consider all critical suggestions prior to final editing, and we’ll be especially diligent in addressing any statements of fact that a knowledgeable viewer may call into question. Our conviction is that essential facts, now confirmed by leading investigators, will not allow the institutions of science to hold onto theories that, for too long, have been proclaimed as established science.

Additionally, please consider attending the upcoming annual conference of the Natural Philosophy Alliance at the University of Maryland, where Wal Thornhill, leading proponent of the Electric Universe paradigm, will receive the distinguished Sagnac Award for his longstanding contributions to progress in the theoretical sciences. Wal will speak on “The Interdisciplinary Roots of the EU.” David Talbott, writer and narrator of this documentary, will also give a featured talk on “The Myths of ‘Settled Science’,” confronting the deep conflicts and contradictions in the modern theoretical assumption of an electrically neutral, gravity-dominated universe.…


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