Wide Open Floor seeks ‘fresh blood’ for this month’s performance

Wide open floor_1896495151_nWide Open Floor at Barking Legs Theatre seeks raw talent for 8 minute performances on Friday, July 5th.  Here’s more from the press release:

Wide Open FlooR: Fresh Blood

Hosted by Marcus Ellsworth
Featuring The Undoctored Originals
@ Barking Legs Theater
Friday July 5th 2013
Doors Open at 7:30 PM
Show Starts ~8:00 PM
$5 To Spectate
Free If You Participate

The summer heat has given us a powerful thirst. And in July, we wish to quench it by bring Fresh Blood to The Floor! No, we’re not a vampire coven, we merely want to see new talent out on our stage! So come help to freshen things up a bit and open a vein of creativity for us! Sign up by emailing us at wideopenfloor@gmail.com

At Wide Open Floor, we have come to love and appreciate all of the regular performers who have fallen into rotation at the show. We are always amazed by the quality of work and the diversity of artforms and people who lay their souls out across The Floor. But we want to do something to bring more new talent to the show. Namely, a show that is focused on bringing performers who have never been on our stage. We want the regulars to take a step back just this once. Now if you have been hanging out in the audience and have been keeping your talent to yourself, now is your time to shine. Are you a regular Floorist with a talented friend you want to perform with? Work with them and bring a fresh face to the stage. We want, no, we NEED fresh blood out on The Floor and we want you to bring it! Whether you are a professional performer who has never been to a show or a total amateur who has never taken their hobby beyond their own living room, we want you to come and make this stage yours for 8 minutes. Anything goes! Nothing is censored! There is no vetting or review of work required! Bring your art and bleed it out in music, dance, puppetry, magic, poetry, stories, burlesque, whatever!

For more about Wide Open Floor at Barking Legs Theatre, click here.


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