“Violence against Women at epidemic proportions” -WHO research

"The first global survey of domestic violence reveals the staggering extent of the problem." SUSANNE BORGES/A.B./CORBIS Source: Nature.com
“The first global survey of domestic violence reveals the staggering extent of the problem.”
Source: Nature.com

Monya Baker reports for Nature online on “multi-country analysis” conducted by World Health Organization researchers that found that, “Three in ten women worldwide” have been subjected to violence.

As humans are by nature social creatures, these findings come as no surprise to me.  The state of discontent among our species as a whole is very high now, with mass protests occurring simultaneously in Brazil, Turkey and Japan, while war rages in Syria and other parts of the world.  The last few weeks saw massive flooding in many parts of the world.  As a whole, humanity is facing great difficulties.

This does not excuse us from harming one another, really nothing does.  But, worry over a lack of basic necessities can lead people to act out violently.  Wars perpetuate violence too.  I attribute to Ghandi a quote that goes something like, “An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.”

Baker reports on the WHO findings:

Three in ten women worldwide have been punched, shoved, dragged, threatened with weapons, raped, or subjected to other violence from a current or former partner. Close to one in ten have been sexually assaulted by someone other than a partner. Of women who are murdered, more than one in three were killed by an intimate partner.

These grim statistics come from the first global, systematic estimates of violence against women. Linked papers published today in The Lancet andScience assess, respectively, how often people are killed by their partners1 and how many women experience violence from them2. And an associated report and guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva, Swizerland, along with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the South African Medical Research Council in Pretoria, estimates how often women suffer sexual violence from someone other than a partner, gaugethe impact of partner and non-partner violence on women’s health and advise health-care providers on how to support the victims.

“These numbers should be a wake-up call. We want to highlight that this is a problem that occurs in all regions and it’s unacceptably high,” says Claudia García-Moreno, a physician at WHO who coordinates research on gender violence and worked on all the publications.

Read the full report, click here.


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