Sun has “an outbreak of magnetic filaments”

Space Weather dot com report reveals a quiet Sun, with huge streaks of magnetic filament streaking across it.

From the report:

The sunspot number may be low, but the sun is far from blank. Amateur astronomers monitoring the sun report a large number of magnetic filaments snaking across the solar disk. Sergio Castillo captured more than half a dozen in this picture he sends from his backyard observatory in Inglewood, California.”

Photo by amateur astronomer Sergio Castillo, titled "filament strips"  Source:
Photo by amateur astronomer Sergio Castillo, titled
“filament strips”

The report continues:

“Filaments are popping up all over the solar surface,” says Castillo. “Each one has a unique shape and length.”

The longest one, in the sun’s southern hemisphere stretches, more than 400,000 km from end to end. “It’s one of the longest filamentary structures I have ever seen,” says veteran observer Bob Runyan of Shelton, Nebraska.

If any of the filaments collapses, it could hit the stellar surface and explode, producing a Hyder flare. Filaments can also become unstable and erupt outward, hurling pieces of themselves into space. Either way, astronomers with solar telescopes are encouraged to monitor developments.

Read more at, click here.


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