Danube river crests averting Budapest flood

"Germany stepped up evacuations along a flood-hit river as thousands build up defences with sandbags." Source: AU News Yahoo
“Germany stepped up evacuations along a flood-hit river as thousands build up defences with sandbags.”
Source: AU News Yahoo

Report from the AFP:

After fearing the worst, Hungary breathed a sigh of relief Monday after flood defences held firm in its capital Budapest. The mighty River Danube started to recede after reaching an historic high.

As the situation in Budapest began to normalise, the focus of Hungary’s defence efforts moved to high-risk locations in the south of the country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Monday.

“Budapest should be out of danger by Wednesday, and hopes to present a faultless record – no deaths or injuries due to the flood,” he said, after the Danube in Budapest reached a historic peak of 8.91m on Sunday evening but had begun to fall early Monday.

The deluge has also sparked massive emergency responses in Austria, where the death toll has now reached five, and Slovakia. Across central Europe, the floods have killed at least 19 people, including 10 in the Czech Republic.

Germany is still in battle with the record flooding, the report states:

Germany is battling against historic floods wreaking death and destruction across central Europe on Monday as a burst dyke forced hundreds from their homes.

Parts of northern Germany continued to be threatened by the swollen River Elbe where the dyke was breached overnight in Saxony-Anhalt state, adding hundreds to the already thousands of evacuated residents.

Downstream in Magdeburg, more than 23,000 residents of the city and its surrounding areas had still not been given permission to return to their homes after the Elbe rose to nearly four times its normal level.

Levels had dropped to 7.3m Monday after reaching 7.48m but authorities remained on edge. The normal level is around two metres.[Emphasis mine]


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