Anatomy of the Human Figure with Roberto Osti – Townsend Atelier

Townsend Atelier shares this press release:

Roberto Osti drawings
Roberto Osti drawings

Anatomy of the Human Figure with Roberto Osti

July 25-28

9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  Pre-registration required.

Classes fill up quickly so please register soon.

Understanding anatomy is critical to a good drawing, painting or sculpture of the human figure.

Internationally recognized artist and professional illustrator, Roberto Osti will lead students through four days of demonstration and hands-on exercises of human anatomy introducing them to the fundamental aspects to be considered when drawing the human figure. Beginning with proportions, volumes and posture, drawing from the model and the skeleton, the students will learn to identify the main landmarks in the body for a better understanding and construction of the figure. Attention to the body in its entirety in order to obtain figures that are harmonious and express an aesthetic quality, not just an assembling of mechanical parts will be emphasized. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the mechanics of the human body that will permit them to correctly draw the human figure.  Cost $425.  Includes model fee.

About the Instructor

Originally from Italy and now living in New Jersey, Roberto Osti studied figurative art at the New York Art Students League,  and has an MFA from the New York Academy of Art, New York, NY.  He has a degree in Anatomical and Surgical Drawing with honors from  University of Bologna, in Bologna, Italy and has also studied with acclaimed British painter, Jenny Saville.  He has taught at Drew University in New Jersey, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and New York Academy of Art.  He currently has a full-time visiting professor position at University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  His work has been in numerous exhibitions including the Flowers Gallery, NYC, Cleveland State University, Rutgers University, and New York Academy of Art.  His illustrations have appeared in such publications as Scientific American Magazine, Scientific American Mind, Scientific American Explorations, Scientific American Books, Natural History Magazine, New York Times-Science Times, and the Italian magazine Salve.  His most recent, ongoing illustration project is the production of images to be used for animation for a music video for the musician Tigran, directed by Ruben van Leer. For more, visit

In addition to providing classes and workshops, we provide fine mold making and casting materials, patinas and finishes and Rosemary Brushes®. Townsend Atelier is located in the heart of the burgeoning Southside art district in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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