Monsanto protest coverage by CNN

2 million people protested on Saturday in many countries against the Monsanto, GMO food, chemical monopoly.

CNN covers the protest in this 7 minute piece.  This story covers the new Monsanto Protection Act passed by Congress and the President, calling it, “A bill that allows genetically modified crops approved by the Agriculture Department to be grown, even if there is action in the courts declaring them to be dangerous.”

Senator Bernie Sanders responds to this, “You have deregulated the GMO industry from court oversight, which is not really what America is about.  You should not be putting riders that people aren’t familiar with in a major piece of legislation.”

Monsanto responds to the French study that found that rats fed genetically modified foods became tumor ridden quickly, with a statement on its website that reads, “Plant biotechnology has been in use for over 15 years, without documented evidence of adverse effects of human or animal health or the environment.”

Officials who side with Monsanto, “Say the company is improving nature,” according to the report.

Michael Moss, author of “Salt Sugar Fat” is also interviewed for this CNN report.  He says, “Europeans have been saying no to GMOs for years and years.. There are no studies as of yet, linking gmos to health problems.”

“The flip side of that is no one is really looking hard at that and doing that kind of research and the agency in charge of GMOs is another 3-letter acronym, the FDA, which has a real spotty record on food safety.”

“The food manufacturers are increasingly concerned about public attitude,” Moss continues.   “I think there the ones who are going to make some moves here.  You know, they have on their staff these genius scientists who formulate their foods and they can figure out how to remove GMO ingredients without sacrificing convenience, cost and taste, and if they can do that, the food manufacturers will move that direction.”


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