Sequatchie Valley Institute 15th annual Food for Life, May 31- June 2

food for life-2013-04-16-at-5.07.15-PMFrom the press release:

Sequatchie Valley Institute Food for Life
Sequatchie Valley Institute Food for Life

For nearly two decades the Sequatchie Valley Institute’s annual “Food for Life” event at Moonshadow has gathered thinkers, practitioners, dreamers, and eaters alike.  On the walls of the ancient Cumberland Plateau, Food for Life is an act of community connecting and opening us to the flow of energy we call food.

In a space where being is your criteria for expertise, discussion and presentations range from the practical, common, and scientific to the edgy netherworlds of speculation, mythology, and spirit.  Topics covered in these manners include, fermentation and the art of cooking,  the joy of eating, nutrition, herbal medicine, crop and animal production and building relationships with the origins of our food.

Workshop leaders are drawn from a wide background of expertise and experience – allowing for a variety in the types of teaching, learning, and interaction.

Sessions Cover:

  • SVI - Food for Life
    SVI – Food for Life

    food preparation and preservation strategies, including canning, drying, and fermentation. The exploration of various fermentation cultures, such as sour kraut and kim chi, mead, wine and beer making, kombucha, kefir, sour dough, miso, yogurt and cheese making. Our keynote speaker on this topic is Sandor Katz, the well loved southeastern author of “The Art of Fermentation” and “Wild Fermentation.” This underground fermentation superhero will be sharing his enthusiasm for & wisdom about various aspects of health and vitality through fermentation.

  • permaculture gardening & edible landscaping, with an emphasis on how to create & live within your own abundant environment
  • plant walks, meeting & greeting our local wild edible & medicinal plants here in the forest, harvesting, discussion and preparation of various medicines
  • metabolic, nutritional, biochemical, evolutionary relationships to health and disease
  • theoretical and political explorations of the social and ecological implications of industrial agriculture as well as the pitfalls of the modern diet & an exploration of various methods of creating sustainable community-based food systems instead of global monopolies
  • a comprehensive kids program encouraging adventurous eating & a real connection & relationship with food.  We will be sharing yummy snack ideas that kids prepare & share, food based art projects, ways to play with your food, kids fermentation by making herbal sodas & general fun in the garden & fun with our food.  We view kids as the future and helping them to fully understand how important it is to make wise choices about where their food comes from, how it is prepared & the ways in which we share it is imperative to a sustainable & abundant future.
  • the art of bread making, culminating in a pizza party in our outdoor wood fired earthen oven
  • tours of our land and hand built homes, permaculture gardens and sustainable lifestyle
  • games, theatre, live music, sharing circles, and of course, delicious food!
SVI - Food for Life
SVI – Food for Life

All events are intentionally affordable and we ask $25 — $50 per adult, per day and children are $5-$20 per child per day, which includes lovingly prepared nutritious meals and admission to all workshops and lectures.

There is a $10 camping fee for the weekend.  Sliding scales are available for those who need it. All Sequatchie Valley Institute members receive a 10% discount.  We are not for profit (501c3), and all proceeds go to cover the costs of this and future events. Limited work trade is available and needs to be arranged in advance. Food trade is accepted, but only if the food is nutritionally and ethically sound (i.e., produced in manner that makes our world a better place). All food trade must be approved in advance.

Our goal is to deepen community through educating and empowering people in one of the most fundamental aspects of being… FOOD.

[Click here for full schedule of this year’s Food for Life at Sequatchie Valley Institute]


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