Thrive’s Kimberly Gamble: “We will succeed at stopping chemtrails”

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From the description at Conscious Life News dot com:

Listen to Kimberly Gamble, producer, director and co-writer of THRIVE talk about the Thrive Solutions Hub and how it will be used to coordinate a world-wide effort to stop chemtrails.  The two-year plan for Thrive is to use the solutions hub to take on chemtrails and use it as a model of whole systems solutioning. The process will be documented so that it can used for other issues such as GMOs, fluoride, banking, whatever. “I believe that success begets success,” says Kimberly.

Here are some of the topics that are discussed during the interview:

  • The incredible success of the movie Thrive, which is being viewed over a million times per month worldwide.
  • The two-year plan for Thrive is to use the Thrive Solutions Hub to take on chemtrails and use it as a model of whole systems solutioning.
  • The Thrive Solutions Hub – a new model of coordinating the efforts of activists.  It’s about being strategic and organized in how we go about it.  See: The Thrive Solutions Hub: An Evolutionary Tool for Resolving Critical World Issues By Enabling Activists to Pool Their Resources and Talents
  • It’s also about taking advantage of the huge amount of work that has already been done by people like Clifford Carnicom, Dane Wiggington, Morgan Carey, and Michael Murphy.
  • Common rule – the government is not allowed to experiment on people without their informed consent. We have the right to not be sprayed.  The US government has been convicted at least 30 times for doing toxic experiments on humans.
  • Success begets success. Stopping chemtrails will build confidence that other issues can be successfully resolved.
  • There are already over 650 groups participating in the solutions hub worldwide, and over 40 of those groups are dealing with chemtrails.
  • How to sign up on the solutions hub and get involved at various levels and in various sectors.
  • The importance of living your life in alignment with purpose
  • Speculative information on chemtrails often gets mixed up with factual info.  Need to stick with the facts. There are plenty of facts to work with.
  • The intelligence is there.  Solutions are there.  People are waking up.  Organization is the key.
  • We don’t need everybody to agree on why we are being sprayed. We do need for people to agree that it is a violation of our rights to clean air.
  • Take the best information from various informed sources. If something doesn’t fit, then don’t throw everything out. Get educated. Do your own research. Collect the facts.
  • Lessons learned from Evon Peter about how his tribe in Northern Alaska, the Neetsaii Gwich’in, deals with dissenting opinions. All concerns are respected.
  • Foster and Kimberly worked with Barbara Marx Hubbard and The Shift movement to come up with sectors for the solutions hub.
  • Ask strategic questions about every aspect related to chemtrails:
    • Who is benefiting from this plan?
    • Who owns the planes?
    • Who is manufacturing the chemicals?
    • Who is distributing them?
    • How does the money flow?
    • What is the financial incentive?  For example, Monsanto has a patent on aluminum resistant seeds. Check that out and determine the connection.

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