“Graphene and lithium will power the super-batteries of tomorrow”

Source: Dvice.com

Colin Druce-McFadden reports for Dvice.com:

Graphene is one of those wonderful substances that keeps on giving. Its newest use is one that just might affect all of our lives. Especially when it comes to our mobile devices. That’s because a membrane of graphene, drilled with a network of tiny holes, is the secret to longer battery life.

Batteries made the graphene can be charged ten times more swiftly than previously possible. It’s a win-win breakthrough — and one that just garnered its creators over 900,000 dollars.

SiNode Systems, a startup put together by Northwestern University Professor Harold Kung, is responsible for the breakthrough and it’s received the Rice Business Plan Competition’s top prize for proving the science behind its new battery design.

The design hinges upon creating a better battery anode — one through which electrons can flow through much more easily. And while the exact numbers and science behind the experimental new batteries is a bit hush-hush right now, the concept of faster, better batteries is one which is sure to garner even more funding and interest the closer it gets to reality.


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