Al Gore: proposal to spray sulphur dioxide in atmosphere to block sun rays is nuts

Al Gore tells Ellen that the proposal by some scientists to block out sun rays by spraying sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere is “nuts”.

He says:

“Some of them are seriously proposing and I think it’s completely nuts(audience laughs)  You know, you put another kind of pollution, sulphur dioxide up to orbit, cover the atmosphere.  The sky won’t really be blue in the way it is now anymore.  But, it would block out some of the Sun’s heat so that we wouldn’t have to take some of the difficult steps to stop spewing all this global warming pollution into the atmosphere.  And, of course there are a lot of problems with what their proposing.  Turns out plants need sunlight, it wouldn’t stop the acidification of the oceans and it really yet another wake up call for why we need to stop putting all this pollution up there.  We put 90 million tons everyday up there.  And, that’s what’s drying out the soil.  That’s what causing, contributing to the worsening of these fires in the West, West Nile virus, worst outbreak ever last year, Superstorm Sandy…”

Gore is not specific about the kind of “global warming pollution” that we’re “spewing” into the atmosphere.

Is he referring to methane released from confined animal feeding operations?  Or, is this a reference to methane pollution?  If the pollution that he refers to is strictly CO2 emissions, then this is debatable.    CO2 has been called a most efficient coolant by NASA astronomers who were studying the effects of Solar radiation on Earth.    I get the sense that Gore doesn’t really know what type of pollution he refers to.   More likely, he’s nervous, having been taken off guard by Ellen’s line of questioning.


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