More on comet Ison by Thor news boys – “Put a camera on it”

Video description from Thor News:

Published on May 5, 2013 — THORnews presents… Part 5 – Hot pixels aka (The funky debunked junk in the trunk that IMHO kinda stuck) Erases the chalk board, catches us up to speed and gives us the up to the minute details on the comet of the Century. We’re still no closer to a decent Hubble stack photographs (motion picture / film / video) than we were 4 months ago. NASA seems more interested in dedunking ISON rumors with an article as opposed to live footage so we can see for ourselves with out own lying eyes. What I would REALLY like to know, is if Ison’s nucleus is an average Comet size and it has got an average make up of a comet, what makes this one soooooooooooooo special? Anywho, this video grew too big so I had to split it, so part 6 should be out soon where i go through the official debunk paragraph through paragraph. That should be a good time and allow us to get all extra crazy! I’m gonna warn everybody ahead of time. Part 6 is going to be long. Like Indiana Jones University Astronomy class long.


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